LEvi McCachen


Based out of Vancouver, Levi McCachen has been writing and performing stand up comedy for 5 years. In 2015 he performed at the Pemberton Music Festival where he shared the stage with T.J. Miller, Harland Williams, Nick Offerman among others. He was recently featured on the Just For Laughs Up and Comer Showcase at the Comedy Mix in Vancouver.  





Upcoming shows


August 2-3 - Headlining Lafflines - New Westminster, BC

August 8-10 - Co-Headlining The Laugh Shop - Calgary, AB

August 12th - Comedy Monday Night - Calgary, AB

August 13th - Crash Test Comedy - Calgary, AB

August 14th - Jupiter Comedy - Calgary, AB

August 15th - Headlining Inglewood Comedy - Calgary, AB




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by Levi McCachen

February 10th 2016 at The Comedy Mix