Matt Damon, Late-Stage Capitalism, And You

You know that scene in La La Land where Emma Stone tells Ryan Gosling she doesn't like Jazz and everyone in the audience is relieved because it's the first sign that at least one of the protagonists isn't into Jazz and we're not about to be forced into watching a movie where in 2016 not one but TWO people are really into Jazz. But then she loves Ryan Gosling so much that she kinda gets into Jazz, which is totally believable. Ryan Gosling is so sexy and charming if he was into murdering puppies I myself would be like "alright Ryan baby, line em up and knock em down, let the puppy games begin" (puppy games being a game where we murder puppies.) But then the movie goes along and it's revealed that Emma Stone wasn't really into Jazz at all, she was into the Gos-monster and he was into Jazz so she supported him. And then at the very end of the film Ryan Gosling has this 5 minute musical flashback where he sees how great his life could've been if only he wasn't obsessed with a musical form that was last relevant 40 years ago? Well that entire storyline was actually intended as an allegory for western media in which Ryan Gosling is a baby boomer, Emma Stone is a millennial, and Jazz is mainstream media.

Last night I read an article about how Quantitative Easing is beneficial for people who own property and other assets and horrible for everyone else i.e. poor people and young people. Now listen, I'm not an economist and I can barely do math. I watched the documentary Inside Job narrated by Matt Damon twice, and both times I was rewinding it constantly trying to understand what was happening and why and how the economy was fucked. "What was that Matt?" I kept saying. "So Neo-liberalism is like, screw the poor, let the rich get richer? and neo-conservatism is a bunch of racists or something? Is neo-conservatism even discussed in this documentary? Just tell me who fucked us Matt! TELL ME WHO FUCKED US!" I still don't really understand. But basically this is my understanding of the situation. After the recession of 2008, the government and central banks of the world started printing a shit ton of money, not literally printing, because now it's all done electronically, but literally a shit ton, one metric shit ton of money PER DAY! Honestly, that's that actual figure I obtained from Canadian Revenue Agency website. Every 23.8 hours to be exact, the world governments are printing a shit ton of money. And they're doing this to de-value their own currency because if their currency is worth less, then so is their debt. But a currency that is losing value means that keeping money in the bank for savings is a stupid decision and means you are literally losing money if you are just saving it, so this encourages spending. So instead of saving your money, it makes more sense to buy assets, and one of the safest assets to buy is property. But an increase in people wanting to buy assets doesn't lead to an increase in assets themselves, so you do the ol' supply and demanderino and assets become way more valuable. This is why I spend about 65% of my monthly income on rent. 

Listen, I don't understand much. But I do know that almost no one in my generation can afford to buy a house in any urban center unless they get a lot of help from their parents. And that for young people to actually spend the recommended 30% of your income on rent means you either live in a shit hole, or with 6 other people. And if you live with 6 other people at least one of those people is going to be a fucking intolerable douchebag. Exactly which way they are going to be intolerable is hard to say. Maybe they're really really into recycling. Like, way too into recycling. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that every house of 4 or more people has that recycling guy, who if he sees even one thing not recycled properly starts getting a little twitchy. Like "umm, actually that's umm, see that's cardboard, what you just put in there, that's cardboard, and you put it in the mixed paper bag, and i know that cardboard is technically a mixed paper, but actually it goes in a separate bag just for cardboard." And you're like "oh, cool, sorry." And you put your empty kraft dinner box in the 'cardboard' bag, but in your mind you're thinking "shut the fuck up Steven. no one cares, they just take all this stuff and burn it on some island. Recycling is just a make-work project created by the government to give the citizens some small feeling of control in their lives because both people on the left and the right are convinced that our democracy has been subverted by a small handful of government and financial elites who view themselves as separate from the rest of society." Or maybe your intolerable roommate goes to clown school and wants to practice their clowning on you, and so you have to just sit there knowing that you live with someone who has a sincere interest in the art of clowning. Like paid money to go to clown school, and you thought your English degree was a waste of money. This person PAID REAL MONEY to go to CLOWN school.  And you live with them. And how far can someone be from making horrible murderous decisions, when they are so clearly prone to making horrible financial decisions. Like, if I lived in a reality where I could see myself in this economy paying a "school" my money for which in exchange they will teach me the art of clowning, I think the chances of me also murdering someone would be close to 80%. 

So this is what Occupy Wall Street was really about. People's shitty clown roommates, or some variation on the theme. Politicians and marketing agencies understand something that most people don't and that is people make decisions based on their feelings, not their rational minds. And right now, people are pissed off. No one really knows why anyone else is pissed off, but we're all pissed off. How about you reader? Are you pissed off? Of course you are. Maybe you're mad at Donald Trump. Maybe it's the opposite and you're mad at the mainstream media for their biased coverage of Donald Trump. Or maybe you're mad at global warming, or that the government is too easy on oil companies, or that the government is too hard on oil companies, or that the government is covering up alien contact and the UFO phenomenon, or that Meryl Streep said the UFC wasn't a sport, or that Taylor Swift is appropriating black culture, or that University students are all molly-coddled babies who can't handle any adversity or dissenting opinions.

Being alive today is like living in 1914 Sarajevo. Everything feels like a powder keg that's about to set off a war, except no one can decide which direction we're revolting in. It feels like every day there is a news story that is supposed to be the final straw in what the people are willing to take, but no one knows who we're supposed to be fighting. But one of these days someone is going to assassinate Franz Ferdinand, and shit is going to get buck.

Either that or we'll all just remain placid consumers awash in a sea of excess materialism working jobs we hate to maintain a global financial system that has imprisoned us all to bankers who've gambled with our future and lost, got bailed out with tax payer money, and collected huge bonuses for bankrupting the entire fucking planet. At least I think I have that right. PLEASE, MATT, FOR THE LOVE OF CHRIST, JUST TELL ME WHO FUCKED US!